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KI FOUNDATION’s mission is to create a strong and fair value ecosystem to bridge the gap between the world of traditional finance and its decentralized counterpart — DeFi. This bridge is built by connecting real-world businesses, creating value with them and transferring it to the KI ecosystem via the KI token.

Ki Chain is a Cosmos-based blockchain, secured by validators with a protocol working on the PoS consensus. It implements a new currency and builds a fund using blockchain technology based on Cosmos-SDK and Tendermint.

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Project description



  • Ki Chain
  • Klub
Ki Chain is included in the ecosystem list on the official COSMOS website

Ki Chain is Ki Foundation’s own blockchain based on the Cosmos ecosystem. The Ki token is the basis of the flow and value sharing in the Ki ecosystem. One can monitor the blockchain and its transactions in the transparent network explorer available.

Klub is a financial society that integrates representatives of various businesses from the real world in order to generate additional profits. Klub has a positive impact on the success of its members by implementing common goals and striving to achieve them. It gives the opportunity to earn money together, but also to develop in non-financial aspects of life, thanks to broadening the horizons and the way of thinking. Access to Klub is invitation only via special “invitation code”.

Klub is also an exclusive private banking application that helps clients store, manage, spend and invest accumulated funds. Membership is granted by invitation only and provides access to concierge services, premium entertainment, lifestyle benefits, and investment opportunities, all directly through the Klub’s platform. Klub has partnered with over 50 global lifestyle companies and partnerships are to be launched in the coming weeks and months. Klub members’ expenses related to these partners will use XKI as the basis of the Klub’s loyalty program.

The basis of the KI ecosystem is XKI (KI TOKEN). Klub bases its reward system on the Ki token resource. Klub is the first private neo-bank with the privileges of an exclusive membership club. Once one has obtained the required XKI, one will be able to enjoy lifetime membership in Klub.

Klub is a neobank for the elite in mindset who value:

  • Signal over Noise
  • Real relationship in an exclusive network of diverse individuals
  • Personal growth and development

* Neobank is a type of digital bank with no physical branches that is completely online. Neobanks can be called fintech companies that provide digital and mobile financial solutions for payments and remittances, money loans and more. Neo-banks are trying to fill the gap between what traditional banks offer and what customers expect. In recent years, we have witnessed a huge change in the financial industry. Customers are moving away from physical banks and physical cash, and more and more to online banking and wallets. How does neobank work? Contrary to the traditional banking system, neo-banks have a completely different business model. But, like traditional banks, neo-banks make marginal profits between the flow of money and the granting of loans. And since there is no physical location and customers are completely online, customer charges are reduced by a significant amount.

Klub offers to its members:

  • Exclusive information, events and connections
  • Valuable reward, tailored to their lifestyle
  • Unique wealth growth opportunities

Klub helps generate wealth for its members and allows them to:

Make purchases in stores

• Spend money with cards

• Invest in various types of financial instruments

There are 3 levels of access to Klub:

Klub offers unique opportunities: access to private pre-seed and seed investments, which have very high potential return on investment, and access to high-yield real estate transactions. Using the platform, it also enables the transition from FIAT currencies to the world of decentralized finance, through industry leaders such as AAVE, COMPOUND or YEARN FINANCE. This is all thanks to the fact that it already has a large group of partners both from the world of CeFi and DeFi.

Card Tiers Details

It is worth noticing the fact that KI FOUNDATION directs its service to people who have not yet had contact with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. For this reason, their application is meant to be very user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use, resembling common banking applications; thanks to that, there will be a low entry barrier in terms of technology. Klub aims to provide a high level of customer service making its business customer centric.

Value flow from Klub to Ki


Investors and Strategic Partners

Wings Ventures

Titans Ventures

Simply VC
Valued collaborator of the Cosmos ecosystem and a top-class validator for networks such as Cosmos, Chainlink, Polkadot, Celo and IXO.

Klub’s partners

  • AVIS
  • PONY


SG-1, Simply Staking,, Citadel.One, Audit.One, Chain of Secrets, Sifu Ventures, Omniflix, Staking Pool, Novy, Masternode24, Secretnodes and more.



Transaction fees and inflation — Validators receive 1/3 of the value of all the transactions processed within the network + newly minted KIs.

Long Term Value — the underlying businesses that are leveraging the token create consisting demand for the KI Token, while also removing supply via the buy-buck mechanism.

Staking rewards — Bonded KIs earns a variable 3–15% APR based on the amount bonded in the network.

Earn fees from Tx — Real life business activities provide buy-back power for KIs which is redistributed to validators and delegators.


  • Supply total: 800 Million $XKI
  • Circulating @ listing: ~75 Million $XKI
  • Inflation: Dynamic inflation (3–20%)
  • Current inflation: 11.36%
  • Current APY: ~30%
  • Bonded: $12.640.000 (216 Million $XKI)

Token release schedule


  • KiChain network security (Proof of Stake)
  • Utility asset in the ecosystem (unlocks access to all businesses & driver of the value flow)
  • SoV & MoX (Scarcity through locked XKI in business use cases like Klub)
  • $XKI back mechanism via Klub (Loyalty)
  • Onchain governance voting
  • Collateral in decentralized finance
  • Crosschain interoperability value flow (IBC + AMM)
  • Derivatives (Liquid staking)


The project has a solid foundation as it has been created and developed since the beginning of 201; it has not been created for the purpose of the current bubble. Since then, it has been mentioned by people from crypto and its creators have appeared at various conferences accompanied by the crypto world experts, including Binance experts. It includes partnerships with major companies recognizable around the world, such as, Lufthansa, Avis. It also allows access to partners from many other industries like Netflix, Marriott, Uber Eats and allows to take advantage of the benefits for choosing their services. The project’s advisors and investors are affiliated with brands such as Twitter, Microsoft and Brave Browser.

The utility of the token and its tokenomy ensure its constant demand, which should translate into an increase in price. Thanks to a special application and the connection between CeFi and DeFi, it allows to invest and manage capital easily. One does not have to be an “expert” in the industry to be able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by KLUB and the benefits it gives are not closely related to the crypto market, but with commonly understood finances. Thanks to the partnerships with brands representing various industries, it can gain a very large group of customers, not only limited to the crypto market. Access to Klub gives many privileges and opportunities not only related to business, but also entertainment and networking.


I do not see too many risks for this project. Minor remarks, such as an outdated roadmap and tokenomy section in the whitepaper will soon be updated by the team. As a minor threat, we can consider quite a high upper limit of inflation (3–20%), although with the current market conditions, there is nothing to be concerned about




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